sabato 26 marzo 2011

Happy surprise

Even if yesterday I just ate too much (1300 kcal i think D:) this morning i weighted myself and i couldn't believe in what I was seeing : 56.4 kg (124.2)!!!!! It's the lowest weight I see in years! YEEEEEE!! I have to continue now.. today I'm going to the gym in order to eliminate the extra calories of yesterday!

I'm not one of those girls who want to be 45-40, i don't want to be extreme thin.. I just want to be light and happy with my body..
I think that 50 kg (110) would be perfect for me.. I don't want to be all bones! 
I'm really motivated at the moment: yesterday night I went out with some of my friends and one of them has a new girlfriend. OMFG she's so thin! I feel very embarassed to stand next to her, and I don't want to feel that way anymore! Soooo let's lose these 7 kg!!

Some legs thinpo (since legs are my biggest problem :/)

7 commenti:

  1. i agree, being too thin is not really beautiful!
    and congrats on your weight loss!

  2. Ciao Bella! Benvenuto, bella ragazza! Ho preso un corso di italiano lo scorso anno, e parlo un po 'italiano. Hanno un Grande giorno!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss!

  4. I think it's good that you have a reasonable goal, to skinny is not good. Keep it up :)

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