mercoledì 23 marzo 2011

Chubby Me

Ok, I had a HUGE breakfast this morning and I feel so guilty right now! I ate almost 800 kcal!
I feel so depressed! 
I decided to write in english because the most of the blog I follow are in this language so..
I used to bog about my eating disorder two years ago but then i stopped, I stopped because I was frightened of what I could become and I was afraid I could'n stop anymore. I managed to lose 10 kg (22 pounds). Now i'm  58 kg (127.6) but I feel uncomfortable in my skin. I just can't be happy in this body! And I disperatly want to be happy and confindent because i notice that view I have of myself is distroying anything positive around me..
And I want to change, right now.
I plan not to eat at lunch and going to the gym. I have to lose those calories!

Your Sis

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  1. yeah, I understand english wayyyy better than... is that italian?
    Anyways, welcome to the calories obsessed club!
    an the girl on the last picture is so hot, I totally feel guilty about the apple I just ate :/

  2. Great blog :)
    Come check out mine if you like

    love Lexi x

  3. Hai pienamente ragione! ti appoggio, ce la puoi fare!! 1bacio